OUR INSPIRATIONS & OUR FACTORIES          After partnering with over 5 different factories over the past 7 years of business, we'd like to show you how we work and who is doing all this AMAZING bead work just for you; follow us on instagram to #MeetTheMakers.  All the pieces are inspired by the life that we live in New York, the travels we take to far away places and the people we encounter along the way.  From concept to final product, it only takes 3 weeks to see these beauties come to life.  To date our inspiration comes from the souks in Marrakesh, the markets in Tokyo, the Puce in Paris, the Brooklyn Flea, the beaches of Jamaica, the plains of the Serengeti, and the Tate modern in London to name a few.  The original piece, the Le Charlot, was actually literally a piece of fabric torn off of a dress and tied around the neck.  Oh how far we've come ;)



Do you have a textile or a colorway that you want to see made in to a scarf necklace?

Do you want customized pieces made for your wedding?

Do you want to host a trunk show?

If we've learned one thing in our entrepreneurial years, it's that anything is possible.  Shoot us an email, we're here to chat!